The Authors -Gigi, Mayflower and Jiffy

new sizeWe are the co-authors of the various books that are part of “The Greyt Greyhounds Adventures” series.
We also write most of the pages and blogs. (Mama gets to write once in awhile.) Like in our books, we talk in our own color. I, Gigi, speak in blue; I, Mayflower, speak in red and I, Jiffy, speak in purple .


Editor’s Note – “Mayflower crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 27, 2015 when she was ten and a half years old.    Jiffy just crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 27, 2017 shortly after she her tenth birthday.  Both dogs are being greytly missed by their family and especially Gigi.   As many of their stories did not get published before their untimely crossing the bridge,  their diaries are still going to appear on their blogs.”