This is written by both of us.  Gigi talks in blue and Jiffy talks in purple.

We have a really greyt surprise. A few weeks ago Daddy Harve’s nephew Jim, who lives in Florida, came to Texas. Harve, Mama, Harve’s brother Armon, his wife MaryAnn and Jim all had lunch together. Jim was on his way back home after traveling all over the country visiting family. Mama asked him what he was going to do that night and he said just go back to the hotel to get ready to hit the road the next day. She invited him back to our house to have dinner with Timothy, one of Harve’s sons and them and to watch NCIS. This is what we do every Tuesday night.Mama was afraid we were making We didn’t know at the time that Jim was also a big NCIS fan so he fit right in. He was very nice and like talking and petting us. Mama was afraid we were making a nuisance of ourselves, but he said “No, I like the dogs.”

A couple of weeks after Jim left, Mama got an email from him that he had talked to a greyhound adoption agency in Orlando and he was going to adopt a 4 1/2 year-old male retired racing dog who was a class A racer. His name is Drew and he is brindle color. We think this is really greyt. Jim is a widower living all by himself and Drew really needed a home where he was the only dog – at least for now.

Drew’s “gotchaday” was February 6 and all is going very well. He has even roached a few times for Jim. We think it is a “love love” situation. Wish they didn’t live so far so that we could meet Drew. (For those of you who are not greyhound lovers, when a dog “roaches” it usually means he is really happy and comfortable. What he does is lay on his back with his legs straight up in the air – like a dead cockroach. Since greyhounds have such very long legs, it is fun to see as we sometimes hold one leg back or look like we are dancing in the air.)

Author: Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson

Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson is the owner of Gigi, Mayflower, Bear, Moonbeam and Jiffy. Her writings are based on the lives of her dogs. All of the photographs in the books are taken by her. She lives with her husband, Erwin Harve Gibson, Sr. in McKinney, Texas.

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