The Closet

Mama and I have a problem.  Well, really Mama has the problem.  You see, when it storms and rains, I get to go into her closet which has become my safe room.  This works for both of us.

However, I also like to just go in there to nap.  I don’t think it is a big deal.  Evidently Mama does.  She thinks I’m being mean to Jiffy because when I’m in the closet, Jiffy won’t come in – well, she really doesn’t fit, unless of an emergency of course.  Plus she doesn’t like to come into Mama’s bathroom, which you have to go through to get to the closet.

Mama thinks Jiffy gets lonely when I’m in the closet. To solve the problem, she has decided to close the closet door when it is not storming.  I think this is child abuse and I should call 911 and report her for abusing her child – me.

I have to admit it is not like I don’t have other places to take naps – there are two beds in the living room, two blankets in the office, two slumber balls in Mama’s bedroom and they each have a fleece blanket, a big stuffed animal and a small hedge hog in them.  Plus when it is hot, there is plenty of floor space for each of us to stretch out under a fan to cool off.

It is just the principal of the whole thing.  I should be able to sleep in the closet whenever I want.  This is my house too.


Author: Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson

Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson is the owner of Gigi, Mayflower, Bear, Moonbeam and Jiffy. Her writings are based on the lives of her dogs. All of the photographs in the books are taken by her. She lives with her husband, Erwin Harve Gibson, Sr. in McKinney, Texas.

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