Lucky Dog

If you look at the top of my head, you will see that there is a black diamond shape spot between my ears. On my left side is an upside down heart. I have one ear that doesn’t like to stand up straight, and a scar down from my right eye which makes me look like I am crying. All of these things make me unique.

A couple of nights ago, when I was asleep on the slumber bed at the end of Mama’s bed, she got up to got to the bathroom and had a case of what they call “Vertigo”. She totally lost her balance and landed on me. I yelped and growled as I was sound asleep and did not know what was going on. Since she has been doing this some since she had her hip replace, she moved that bed over to the side of the room under the window and put the chest at the foot of the bed. That takes both me and Gigi out of the line of fire. It really scared both of us. I didn’t understand what was happening and have stayed clear of Mama for a couple off days. But I just laid my head in her lap and all is forgiven. I do love my Mama.

Author: Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson

Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson is the owner of Gigi, Mayflower, Bear, Moonbeam and Jiffy. Her writings are based on the lives of her dogs. All of the photographs in the books are taken by her. She lives with her husband, Erwin Harve Gibson, Sr. in McKinney, Texas.

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