Saying “Good-bye” to Moonbeam

     Mama decided that I should write this since I’ve known Moonbeam from the beginning.  Just before our Daddy died, he told Mama that she should take the car they owned and trade it in one what she wanted.  You see, as Daddy got sicker, it became necessary for him to need more room and assistance to get in and out of the car.  This meant there wasn’t enough room in the garage for both cars, so Mama sold her little red wagon to her friend Betty.  She didn’t want to leave it outside in the hot Texas sun and the chance of hail damage.

     After Daddy died, Mama started thinking about what he had said.  They had a nice car – a new Honda CRV, but it wasn’t really the car Mama wanted.  She really wanted another convertible like she had had when they lived in Florida.  But, she wasn’t sure who even made convertibles any more.  This meant lots of research on the computer.  She narrowed it down to one that she had seen and had wistfully said – “That’s the car I want”.  It was a VW New Beetle Convertible – beige in color with a brown roof.”  Now came the challenge to find one.

     First she decided that she had better go test drive one before she totally made up her mind.  It had been a very long time since she drove and VW and the “bug” was a little car.  Of course, the minute she got behind the wheel of one and drove it around the block she knew was the car she wanted.  The next challenge was to find a color she would like.  They had an all black one that they would make a good deal on, but she said “no.  No all black car in the Texas heat.”  At the time, that was all that the dealer had.

     After much looking, and just a little bit of luck, she found the car she wanted – beige with a brown top.  She loved her little car and so did I.  We went everywhere together in “Moonbeam”.  When we took it over to show Kelly, Bill, Katelyn and Megan, Megan immediately asked if she could have her car “after she died”.  I’m not sure Megan really thought about Mama dying, she just wanted to be left her car.  And, Mama said yes since she knew that Katie wanted Bill’s truck.  (In case you don’t know, they are twins so will be learning to drive and going off to college at the same time.)

     In the next few years, lots of things changed.  First off, we got Mayflower – another retired greyhound that was only 5 days younger than me.  She was a little bit bigger than me, but we both seemed to fit in the backseat of Moonbeam.  Then Mama met Harve and they got married.

     Fast forward – we lost our Mayflower to bone cancer on February 27, 201 5.  We were all heart broken.  Especially me.  Oh how I missed Mayflower.  In June we got a new sister for me – Jiffy.  Jiffy is a little bigger than Mayflower and it was real close fit for us both to ride in Moonbeam.  Plus Jiffy didn’t seem to like riding in Moonbeam.  I think she felt to confined.  Harve got a new car, and Moonbeam was driven less and less.  Mama bought a “hammock” for Harve’s backseat so that both of us could ride in it easier than in Moonbeam.   Poor Moonbeam only got driven when Mama had to go someplace without Harve – which wasn’t very often.  In fact they had to make a point of driving her once a week so that her battery wouldn’t run down.

     Then Mama got an idea.  Katelyn is now off to OSU with the red truck.  Megan is going to Collin College and driving an old CRV that Kelly and Bill bought for her to drive.  “Why don’t we see if Kelly and Bill would trade us the CRV for Moonbeam and let Megan drive it to school and work and around?”  Mama asked Harve one night.  “Moonbeam would get driven more and the CRV will have more room in the back for both of the girls.”

     Harve agreed that that made sense so Mama talked to Kelly and Bill.  Everyone agreed that it would work, and so we said goodbye to Moonbeam last week.  Megan now drives her and is taking very good care of her. Mama is driving the CRV and Jiffy is much happier getting into and out of the bigger car.


       We’re all sad at missing Moonbeam.  But, we are all happy that Moonbeam is being driven every day and being loved by Megan.






Author: Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson

Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson is the owner of Gigi, Mayflower, Bear, Moonbeam and Jiffy. Her writings are based on the lives of her dogs. All of the photographs in the books are taken by her. She lives with her husband, Erwin Harve Gibson, Sr. in McKinney, Texas.

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