Hank the Tank


     Mama said I could tell this story since Gigi got to say “Good Bye” to Moonbeam.  Since I really didn’t know Moonbeam all that well it was only logical.

     Mama started calling Megan’s old car “the Tank”.  Megan admitted she had called it the Beast.  One day Mama asked if we wanted to go for a ride.  This is something she has not done in a long time.  Really not since  I  came to live here.  We both of course said yes, and patiently – well sort of patiently – we waited to have our outside collars and leashes put on.  Out the door we went.  She had already moved Tank out of the garage so we had more room to get in.  The back seat on the driver’s side was up right, but the other one was down which makes it much easier for us to get in.  (I want to try jumping into the back from the back door someday.)  We each jumped in and found that the old sleeping bag from Daddy’s old house had been washed and folded to give us some padding when we rode in the back.  It was easy for me to just jump right in with the back door open.  Gigi wouldn’t even try so Mama opened the side door and coaxed her to put her foot on the floor of the back seat, and then up on the set which let her go over the seat that was folded down and she was in.IMG_1981a

Off we went to JoAnn’s – whatever that is.  We found out it is a store where Mama goes to buy yarn for her Prayer Shawl Ministry.  She had run out on one special shawl and had to make a quick run to get more.  Daddy really didn’t want to go on such a short ride, so we got to go.

     I had not been on a ride in a car with Gigi before.  We both settled down and looked out the windows.  Only one back window of Tank goes down, so Mama put it down so we would get some fresh air.  “Move over” I told Gigi.  Once she got in she was taking up all the room.  “Just lie down so we can both fit.”  That just went in one of her ears and out the other.


I saw things I had never seen before.  We had to drive on highway 380 which meant we got to see big eighteen wheeler trucks, cement trucks, pickup trucks like Katie drives, other cars, motorcycles and even people riding bikes.  This was a whole lot better than just driving to the vet’s for checkups or being boarded.

Mama turned on her turn signal and we drove up into the shopping center.  She found a place to park which was pretty close to the door, put the window up a little bit, and locked us in.  (It’s not too warm yet to leave dogs in the car so we were safe.  But she didn’t want someone to let us out.)  She wasn’t in there very long and came out with a bag of the yarn she needed.

     We headed home and she took another way.  This way went by a Middle School that was just getting out so we got to see all the kids.  We drove over one of the Wilson Creek Bridges and could see that there was water in it – we’ve had lots of rain.  We went by the new water tower.  I was surprise at how tall it is.  Gigi laid down while I looked around.  Then we got to the stop light where we turn to go home.  Gigi got up then to look IMG_1996around as she knew we were close.  Mama turned right and we went up the hill, took another right and there was our house.  “We’re home” she said as she pushed the button to open the garage door.  She parked Tank in the driveway to give us more room to get out.  We both raced to the back door of the house, almost tripping Mama before she could get the door open.  “See, I told you riding in Hank would be a piece of cake.”  I so wanted to swat her in the face with my tail, but it isn’t long enough.  If I could have raised my eyebrows, believe me they would have been up.  Now I know why Bear referred to them – Mayflower and Gigi – as long-legged prima donnas in this book – “Bear Gets Citified”.

     We went in the house and found Daddy.  We tried to tell him that we saw all sorts of things.  He just laughed and helped take off our collars.  “So you liked riding in the Tank,  huh?” he asked.  Both of us bounced our feet letting him know that we thought it was greyt. Mama came into the office and said “Ya know.  I think we need to give the Tank a better name than that.  Moonbeam got her name because of her color and the fact that her top came down.  What if we call our new friend Tank, Hank the Tank?  We both thought about it a moment, conferred with each other and then barked shaking our tails in agreement.  So – the Tank is now Hank the Tank.

      Another time we got to go for a ride was when Mama had to pick up Gigi’s prescription at the vet’s.  She found a nice shady spot, left the window partway open, locked the door and went in.  It seemed strange that we could see those really big doors of the vet’s, but we didn’t have to go in.  While we waited for her we watched the kids running at the day care center next door.

     I like getting to ride in Hank just to go with Mama to run an errand.  I think we might be able to have some adventures in Hank – sort of like Gigi, Mayflower and Bear did in Moonbeam when they went to look for Bear’s house in the country.  Hmmmmmmmmm – I wonder what Mama might have up her sleeve.








Author: Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson

Suzanne Wagstaff-Gibson is the owner of Gigi, Mayflower, Bear, Moonbeam and Jiffy. Her writings are based on the lives of her dogs. All of the photographs in the books are taken by her. She lives with her husband, Erwin Harve Gibson, Sr. in McKinney, Texas.

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