We’re Back


      You probably didn’t even realize we were gone.  Things got busy around here for awhile.  Mama had to get a new hip, but that is all healed now. (I don’t think I knew you could replace hips. hip  I like mine just fine.)  Mama got a new computer and she had to transfer all of her “stuff” to the new one. Then she had to get “Mayflower’s Diary – Mayflower’s Forever Home” available on Kindle – which was quite a chore.  They then went for the long, long ride to North Carolina so that Daddy could drive – well, really ride – on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway.  Mama drove so he could sight see.  Once they go home they were really tired.  It took a while for them to get over that trip.  Plus Mama wanted to finish the spring cleaning inside the house and get the yard and flower beds in shape.

     So, now we can start to write again.  We have so much to tell about.  Gigi already told about saying “good bye” to Moonbeam and hello to “Tank”.  There is our new cousin Drew that we want to tell about and I might want to say something about Miss Jackie who I lived with before I came to live with Mama’s family.  Miss Jackie has two dogs – NY Vinny and da Princess Toolip.  I think Vinny talks funny.  Mama says it is because he is from New York.  We don’t talk funny because we are from Iowa which is in the Midwest and they don’t have an accent.  

     Mama dblog 2oesn’t have an accent either since she is from Michigan which is also in the Midwest.  But Daddy Harve is from Texas and he does talk funny – Texan saying “ya’all” and stuff like that.  Sometimes he is hard to understand.  Mama says that even though we live in Texas, we need to talk “normal” which to her is Midwest.  Guess that’s how we will talk when we write – “normal”.

 Look for us soon, as we have more blogs in the works.


The Squirrel in the Flower Bed

What ya watchin?  A squirrel digging in Mama’s flower bed.  He has to be pretty brave to come up so close to the house with the two of us living here.  Nah.  He’s behind the fence and knows that we can’t get him. By the way, why is there a fence around the two flower beds anyway?  Well………..its a long story.  I’m all ears.

When I came to live with Mama there were not the flower beds that are here now.  There wasn’t grass in the backyard, but some kind of green stuff Mama called “ground cover”.  They were starting to plant things.  Mama was planting a rose bush behind the house by the chimney.  She was having a hard time digging in this yucky ground so I came over and offered to help her.  And she let me.  I dug a hole and she put on the rose bush.  She filled in the hole with dirt around the rose bush, patted it down and then watered it.

She was very pleased with her accomplishment and started looking around to figure out where to put the next one.  I thought she wanted to plant that rose bush someplace else, so in an effort to help, I dug it back up.   Wrong thing to do.  Mama yelled at me and put me in the house.  She replanted the rose bush and some other things in various flower beds.  When she came inside she gave me a stern warning that I was not to dig in  the flower beds.

So I found other places to dig.  I went behind one of the green bushes and dug a hole.  It wasn’t so big, but it was getting pretty deep.  I made sure I dug in places where she would not see me.  Or, at least that is what I thought.  The give away was when I came in from the back yard with muddy feet.

We had a constant battle over my digging.  Then Mama decided that I might not get into as much trouble if I had someone to play with when Mama was gone.  She and Kelly looked through the available dogs on the GALT website.  Mama decided that since I was fawn colored that a black sister would look good with me.  She found one and made an appointment for us to go meet her.  However, a terrible rainstorm hit the area, and since we would have to drive to the other side of Dallas, Mama called to reschedule.  That was when the lady told her they had decided they didn’t want to let the foster go; they were going to adopt her.

OK – back to the drawing board.  Kelly called and asked Mama to look at the GALT page again and look at Mayflower.  Mama called and made an appointment for us to go into Dallas to meet Mayflower.  It was love at first sight for all three of us.  A week later Mayflower became my sister and moved in with us.

Mama thought that would solve the problem.  However,instead she now had two greyhounds who like to dig.  We were really pretty good at hiding our preferred spots, especially during the winter.  But when spring ca started to clean out flower beds, putting down new much and adding plants, our secrets were out.


born to dig b

(Mayflower digging in one of the gardens and getting caught)

That did it.  She made a fence of bamboo to go around the gardens, but that really didn’t look too good and didn’t hold up too well.  Then she and Harve went to a place called Hobby Lobby and came across some very pretty fence panels.  She was now on a mission.  They bought what they thought they would need and fenced in one flower garden.  They needed a little more so she went to another Hobby Lobby and found the additional fencing.

That is how we got the fencing in the backyard and why we can’t get to the squirrel that is digging in one of them.






Well – that is a long story.  There should be something we can do besides sit and stare at him.  I was standing on the patio one day and he was on the tall wooden fence across from me just chattering at me.  Of course, he is in the part that was fenced in.

Later that they both went outside before going to bed.  Both made a bee-line for the backyard.  They thought they saw or heard something, but whatever it was it got away.  Gigi came back in the house with her head hanging, looking dejected.  However, Jiffy spotted the bugs that the light on the patio was attracting and she tried to see just how many she could catch.


Come on Gigi, help me catch bugs.  Nah – that’s no fun, plus they don’t taste that good.

Squirrell 1, greyhounds 0.








Walk Time

Gigi “talks” in “blue” while Jiffy “talks” in “purple”.

Gigi runs a tight ship at our house. She knows when it is time to get up, when it is lunch time, when it is nap time, when it is dinner time, when it is time to watch television and when to go to bed.

We also know when it is walk time. Daddy Harve usually gets up a little bit before Mama. He has his breakfast and his quiet time while she takes a shower. Then she feeds us while he goes “into the library to read”. We know when we hear the toilet flush that it is walk time. Regardless of where we are in the house, when we hear that happen, the door open and the light go out we head for the front door.

I stand very still while jackets, if needed, and my outside collar is put on. Mama calls me “Bobble Head” as I’m so excited to go that I won’t stand still to get my jacket and/or my outside collar on. Then we are out the door. Mama can’t go for the walk because of her hip, so while we are gone she has her quiet time and eats breakfast.

When we are back, we bound through the front door and head for the water bowls. Then we get our jackets and/or collars taken off. Sometimes we like to play hide and seek making them find us to get the things off.

Walk Time is a fun time.


This is written by both of us.  Gigi talks in blue and Jiffy talks in purple.

We have a really greyt surprise. A few weeks ago Daddy Harve’s nephew Jim, who lives in Florida, came to Texas. Harve, Mama, Harve’s brother Armon, his wife MaryAnn and Jim all had lunch together. Jim was on his way back home after traveling all over the country visiting family. Mama asked him what he was going to do that night and he said just go back to the hotel to get ready to hit the road the next day. She invited him back to our house to have dinner with Timothy, one of Harve’s sons and them and to watch NCIS. This is what we do every Tuesday night.Mama was afraid we were making We didn’t know at the time that Jim was also a big NCIS fan so he fit right in. He was very nice and like talking and petting us. Mama was afraid we were making a nuisance of ourselves, but he said “No, I like the dogs.”

A couple of weeks after Jim left, Mama got an email from him that he had talked to a greyhound adoption agency in Orlando and he was going to adopt a 4 1/2 year-old male retired racing dog who was a class A racer. His name is Drew and he is brindle color. We think this is really greyt. Jim is a widower living all by himself and Drew really needed a home where he was the only dog – at least for now.

Drew’s “gotchaday” was February 6 and all is going very well. He has even roached a few times for Jim. We think it is a “love love” situation. Wish they didn’t live so far so that we could meet Drew. (For those of you who are not greyhound lovers, when a dog “roaches” it usually means he is really happy and comfortable. What he does is lay on his back with his legs straight up in the air – like a dead cockroach. Since greyhounds have such very long legs, it is fun to see as we sometimes hold one leg back or look like we are dancing in the air.)