Hound Power, Hound Power


A friend of mine is in a contest to win money for a program he and his sister and Momma work for – Freeway’s Greyt Escape, Inc.  This is a charitable organization that raises money to help greyhounds around the country who get hurt and need extra medical attention.  Medical expenses can be staggering when a greyhound gets injured whether while racing or in some other kind of accident.  Freeway was a greyhound who got injured very badly when he escaped his transport van on a major highway in Florida and was hit by at least one car.  He was rescued by a wonderful couple who immediately took him to a vet where he overcame unbelievable odds to survive.  Eighty percent (80%) of his body was injured.  All the people at the animal hospital nicknamed him Freeway.  You can read all about him on his web site as shown above.

Anyway, back to my story.  My friend Ms. Jackie Pinson became involved in this organization.  She has two greyhounds – Princess Toolip and NY Vinny.  Vinny is a very funny fellow, and extremely smart.  He was also rescued in an unusual circumstance – not like many of us who get adopted after they have retired from racing.  She entered Vinny’s story and all of his accomplishments – he has just become a certified Therapy Dog – in a contest where the winner will get $2,500 donated to the charity he is sponsoring.  He has made the first cut and we are all waiting with crossed paws, crossed eyes and holing our breath, for as long as we can, to hear if he made the next cut.  We are supposed to find out tomorrow – May 17, 2017.  So  – everyone – HOUND POWER, HOUND POWER for Vinny.

The Greyt Escape or I Have a Guardian Angel

(Since I’m writing this for a blog, Mama says I don’t have to use good English like I did when I wrote my book.)

Two weeks ago Saturday, Mama tooks me to see duh vampires, also known as duh vet.  One of my eyes wasn’t seeing too good and I kept squinting, like I was winking at someone.  Dat sure won’t happen around here as dere is no one to wink at – especially not Jiffy, duh the fhief.  (She likes to steal Busy Bones and Rawhide Chews from me and den hide dem so I can’t find dem.)

Anyway, since we had to say good-bye to Moonbeam a while ago so dat Megan could drive it to school and work, we is now being forced to gets into duh ugly Hank the Tank.  He is big and brown and just plain ugly.  I knows duh minute Mama attaches duh leash to me, and Jiffy duh fhief didn’t get one,  only me was off to see duh vampire.  Every time I goes dere dey always find a reason to take some of my blood.  I looks at dem and dinks, dey should have enough of deir own dat dey don’t need none of mine.

IMG_1983I decided I was not getting into ugly Hank the Tank.  Of course I lost, Mama opens duh back seat, puts my feet up on duh  floor and pushes.  And my dumb back feet and butt followed my front feet, right into duh car.  Just can’t trust no one any more, not even myself.  We got to duh vampires and Mama made me go in duh door.  I slowly walked over to where dey weigh me an put on two feet.  Can’t figure out why they needed more, but Mama  pulled duh rest of me up on duh scale to see what I weighed.  Who cares what I weigh anyway?  I finks they should weighs me after dey takes out duh blood, but what do I know.

Dey put us in duh big dog room – that’s what I is – a big dog.  Art comes in – he is one of duh junior vampires – he helps duh head vampire.  He talked to Mama a minute and den took to me to duh back room where dey has duh torture chamber.  He  puts me up on duh table, since they are too lazy to get down on duh floor wiff me, so dat duh curly haired vampire could look at my eye.  I stood dere and looked back at her.  She put some stuff in my eye so I couldn’t feel nothing.  Den she put drops in my eye and went to talk to Mama.  She told Mama dat I had to have 2 different drops put in my eye tree times a day.  Duh curly headed vampire brought me back into duh big dog room and told Mama what she was going to have to do.  I thought to myself – I can fix dat.  She aint  going to put no drops in my eye.  Even dough it hurts.  Mama let out a deep sigh and said “whatever”.  We paid duh winch at duh front desk and headed home.  (Hey, dey didn’t take no blood dis time!)

When we got home, Mama told Daddy Harve what duh vampire said and he just looked at both of us.  Dis was going to be a piece of cake for me, but a challenge for Mama.    Duh first time she tried, I growled and snapped.  I had her whole hand in my mouth.  I didn’t hurt it much.  But, I didn’t get dat junky drops in my eye either.  Dis went on a few days.  Mama found some old winter gloves  which she put on to protect her hands from my mouth.  I didn’t really want to hurts Mama, but I didn’t want dose drops in my eye efer.  We tried to work dis out for a week without much success.  She tried to put a muzzle on me and I just took it out of her hands with my mouth and frew it across duh room.  Good shot, even if I say so myself.  Mama sent an email to duh vampire about duh problems she was having, but no one seemed to care dat she was in duh controls of a mean lion greyhound.

We went back on Saturday.  Mama pulled Hank out of duh garage, put on my leash and walked me out to duh car.  She opened duh door and I got in just like a well behaved greyhound should.  She drove to dhuh vampire’s.  She opened dhuh side door, but I wanted to goes out dhuh back hatch.  (Jiffy showed me how to do dhat dhuh last time we rided wiff Mama when she rand an errand and we gots to IMG_1982go.) She opened duh hatch door expecting me to just jump down and go in to duh Vampires.  Well, I foolded her.  When my feet hit duh ground I was off and running, draggin my leash behind me.  I went across duh street, looking back to be sure she was followin me.  When I got to duh corner, I wasn’t quite sure what I should do so I went up duh sidewalk to duh church drive dat is across from  duh vampires.  I turned into duh driveway and headed up away from duh cars dat were on Eldorado. (For those of you who don’t live in McKinney, Eldorado is a major four lane divided road in McKinney.  It has lots of traffic all the time.)  Den from out of nowhere comes dis young man who was trying to help Mama and catch me.  People came out of duh school part of duh church and dey tried to get me to go to dem.  I turned and ran across duh street (Eldorado)dragging my leash.  Mama was running like a crazy woman, yelling at me and waving at duh cars to get dem to stop. All duh cars stopped so dey wouldn’t hurt me.    I made it to the grassy part between duh two streets.  Duh young man had gotten to duh grassy part just as Mama did.  I looked at duh street in front of me and wasn’t sure I would be too smart to try and cross dat street also.  Delimas.  What should I do?  I started towards duh young man, but when I got close enough I found I didn’t know him.  I turned around and guess what – dere was my Mama calling me.  Boy, have I screwed up royally.  I runs to Mama and she grabs my leash.  Cars start going again down duh road.  One nice lady stopped to be sure everyting was OK and Mama smiled and said “Yes.  Thank you”.  She and duh young man waited for the cars to clear, not like me who just walked right out in front assuming dey would stop for such a gorgeous, huge dog. They got on duh sidewalk and Mama tanked him over and over again.  He ran for his car, turned out of duh parking lot and headed to where he was going.  I guess you would say he was my guardian angel who came out of nowhere to help catch me. We headed back towards Hank.  I stopped to get in, tinking I had won, but Mama said “oh, no! You still have to go see the vet.”  And, we walked in duh door – both of us panting and huffing and looking like we would collapse.  Christie, the vampire’s office manager immediately got Mama some water and one of the little vampires brought a bowl of water for me.  Dey made me weigh again, but I was too tired to protest and did as I should.  We went into another one of duh rooms where I laid down by duh counter and panted.  Mama tried to get me to drink some water, but all I could do was pant.  So she took some in her hands and sprinkled it on my nose and on my tongue.

069Well, my idea of the greyt escape had come to an end.  A good end.  Duh curly headed vampire came in, looked at my eye, listened to Mama’s story and said “I think we should keep her for a couple of days to get this eye under control.”  Wait just a minute – after all I’ve been frough and you fink I should stay here – with duh vampires?  I didn’t run all dat way to be told I had to stay.  Dere is someting wrong wif dis picture.

Mama agreed and one of the baby vampires came and got me to take me back to duh prison.







The Learning Experiences

Flash back – November 11, 2011.  Mayflower comes to live with me and Mama.

“Ding”.  “What was that?” asked Mayflower.  It’s the bell on the microwave.  It tells Mama when whatever she is cooking is done.  “Oh” replied Mayflower.  May is new to living in a house and hasn’t learned what all the sounds are.  “Ring, ring, ring,”…  Before she could ask I told her that was the telephone.  Someone is trying to call Mama.  If she doesn’t recognize the name on caller ID, she just lets it go to the the answering machine and checks the message later. After May was relinquished to GALT, she did not live in a foster home very long before coming to live with us.  Her history is very sketchy, so we’re not quite sure what kind of background she had.  Therefore she has a lot to learn about the “family/house sounds”   This is different from me as I had  lived with my foster family for  several months while  I healed from my surgery.  I went to GALT   from a racetrack after my injury.  I’ve been living with family/house sounds for six years.

I’ve learned that the washer and dryer make noises.  The dishwasher does too, but since Mama runs it at night, we don’t hear it as much.  The food disposal makes a noise that makes me growl and bark.  But the best noise is the garage door opener when the garage door goes up.  That means Mama is home.first

“Buzz”.  Door bell, I told May.  “But if it is a door bell, shouldn’t it ding- a- ling?” May asked.  Good question, one which I didn’t have an answer for.  All I know is there is a button on the outside of the front door that people push and it lets out a buzzing sound rather than a bell sound.  This lets Mama know someone is at the door.

“Do we need to bark?” asked Mayflower.  No we just stand and prance by it.  She’ll be here in a minute to find out who is on the other side of the door.  I, too, am curious as to why the door bell was buzzing.  We don’t get much company and Mama had not opened the front door leaving the storm door shut as she usually does when she is expecting someone.

Mama opened the door and “Surprise.  It’s Kelly (Mama’s daughter) and the twins (Mama’s granddaughters – Megan and Katelyn).  They’ve come to meet Mayflower.”  Said Mama.

The storm door opened and everyone swooped in with a “Hi Gigi!  Hi Mayflower!”   Mayflower wasn’t quite sure what to do with all of these people.  I, however, pranced and danced to see them.  They usually take me on nice long walks.  Katelyn, who Mama calls Katie, helped to teach me how to “sit”.  (Megan and I had a minor disagreement a couple of years ago.  She sat on my bed and I growled and snapped at her.  She had invaded my territory.  Then at one Thanksgiving, while Mama was cooking and I was lying where I was supposed to be – behind the table – Megan started twirling in circles in the middle of the floor where she wasn’t supposed to be.  I barked and growled at her as she was not minding Mama.  She does like to take me on walks now that she has gotten to know me, but she is still just a little shy when it comes to new dogs – especially big ones like greyhounds.)

            Everyone was excited to meet Mayflower.  And, I have to admit, she was more sociable than I had been when I first came to live here.  I’m fine now, but I was good at giving the “greyhound ignore” (turning my head to the side and not looking at whomever was talking to me.)

Katie and Kelly pet May while Megan just sits and sort of watches.  I think she wants to make sure May doesn’t treat her like I did.  (I also did it to Katie when she was trying to get me to play with my toys a few years ago.  Rescued greyhounds don’t really know how to play as they have never seen toys.  I became my normal unsociable self and growled and snapped at her.  However, Katie wants to be a vet, so she just ignored what I did and we made up.)

Soon we are all laughing and playing.  Megan joined in and Mayflower relaxed with the new people.IMG_0788a

After awhile, they left and Mama made her some dinner.  Time to watch TV and just chill out.  I like these times.  May and I just lay on the blankets in the living room and doze.  A dog’s life is very stressful, especially in this house.  Napping is the main activity with a walk added in usually once a day.Copy (1) of IMG_1091




– and I was Free

Flash back – June 2014

     Mama was running to the store  for some cheese to make nachos, whatever that is for dinner.  Harve was standing in the doorway, telling her good bye when his phone rang.  He motioned for Mama to go on, but she waited to see who it was.  There he stood, with the backdoor to the garage and the garage door open.  No one was paying any attention to me.  I slipped out between the cars and headed next door.

     “Gigi is out” Harve yelled, telling who he was talking to he’d have to call them back.

     Mama got out of the car and headed towards me.  Now, she knows that is not the thing to do.  I  love a good “catch me if you can” and so I started down the yards, just out of her reach.

     She went back and got into her car, coming down the street after me.  She had lost track of me and wasn’t sure which way I turned at the end of the street.  She guessed left, and there I stood.  Right in the middle of the road.  I turned and saw her and realized “I’ve been caught”.  She turned her car to block off the street.  As she  turned the car around to go back home,   I kept going around and around it waiting for it to stop.  When she got it headed back towards home, she opened the door and said “Get in!”. It only took a brief second for me to decide to run for it.

     Back up the street I ran, just as fast as I could go.  Boy it felt good to stretch out my legs and feel the wind in my face.  She drove along side of me to make sure I kept going home.  As I got there, Harve reached out and grabbed my collar.  “Busted”.  He held on tight


and led me back into the garage and into the house.

     Mama turned her car around and went to the grocery store.  Harve put the garage door down.

     I stretched out on the cool tile and breathed really hard for a few minutes.  Mayflower just stood there looking at me, shaking her head, and I’m sure IMG_0762wondering –  What was I thinking?  I’m getting too old to be doing this.  I’ll be ten the end of July and the Texas heat is pushing 90 degrees.  I could have had a heat stroke.

Ya, but that run really felt good.  The ole girl still has it.


Saying “Good-bye” to Moonbeam

     Mama decided that I should write this since I’ve known Moonbeam from the beginning.  Just before our Daddy died, he told Mama that she should take the car they owned and trade it in one what she wanted.  You see, as Daddy got sicker, it became necessary for him to need more room and assistance to get in and out of the car.  This meant there wasn’t enough room in the garage for both cars, so Mama sold her little red wagon to her friend Betty.  She didn’t want to leave it outside in the hot Texas sun and the chance of hail damage.

     After Daddy died, Mama started thinking about what he had said.  They had a nice car – a new Honda CRV, but it wasn’t really the car Mama wanted.  She really wanted another convertible like she had had when they lived in Florida.  But, she wasn’t sure who even made convertibles any more.  This meant lots of research on the computer.  She narrowed it down to one that she had seen and had wistfully said – “That’s the car I want”.  It was a VW New Beetle Convertible – beige in color with a brown roof.”  Now came the challenge to find one.

     First she decided that she had better go test drive one before she totally made up her mind.  It had been a very long time since she drove and VW and the “bug” was a little car.  Of course, the minute she got behind the wheel of one and drove it around the block she knew was the car she wanted.  The next challenge was to find a color she would like.  They had an all black one that they would make a good deal on, but she said “no.  No all black car in the Texas heat.”  At the time, that was all that the dealer had.

     After much looking, and just a little bit of luck, she found the car she wanted – beige with a brown top.  She loved her little car and so did I.  We went everywhere together in “Moonbeam”.  When we took it over to show Kelly, Bill, Katelyn and Megan, Megan immediately asked if she could have her car “after she died”.  I’m not sure Megan really thought about Mama dying, she just wanted to be left her car.  And, Mama said yes since she knew that Katie wanted Bill’s truck.  (In case you don’t know, they are twins so will be learning to drive and going off to college at the same time.)

     In the next few years, lots of things changed.  First off, we got Mayflower – another retired greyhound that was only 5 days younger than me.  She was a little bit bigger than me, but we both seemed to fit in the backseat of Moonbeam.  Then Mama met Harve and they got married.

     Fast forward – we lost our Mayflower to bone cancer on February 27, 201 5.  We were all heart broken.  Especially me.  Oh how I missed Mayflower.  In June we got a new sister for me – Jiffy.  Jiffy is a little bigger than Mayflower and it was real close fit for us both to ride in Moonbeam.  Plus Jiffy didn’t seem to like riding in Moonbeam.  I think she felt to confined.  Harve got a new car, and Moonbeam was driven less and less.  Mama bought a “hammock” for Harve’s backseat so that both of us could ride in it easier than in Moonbeam.   Poor Moonbeam only got driven when Mama had to go someplace without Harve – which wasn’t very often.  In fact they had to make a point of driving her once a week so that her battery wouldn’t run down.

     Then Mama got an idea.  Katelyn is now off to OSU with the red truck.  Megan is going to Collin College and driving an old CRV that Kelly and Bill bought for her to drive.  “Why don’t we see if Kelly and Bill would trade us the CRV for Moonbeam and let Megan drive it to school and work and around?”  Mama asked Harve one night.  “Moonbeam would get driven more and the CRV will have more room in the back for both of the girls.”

     Harve agreed that that made sense so Mama talked to Kelly and Bill.  Everyone agreed that it would work, and so we said goodbye to Moonbeam last week.  Megan now drives her and is taking very good care of her. Mama is driving the CRV and Jiffy is much happier getting into and out of the bigger car.


       We’re all sad at missing Moonbeam.  But, we are all happy that Moonbeam is being driven every day and being loved by Megan.






The Closet

Mama and I have a problem.  Well, really Mama has the problem.  You see, when it storms and rains, I get to go into her closet which has become my safe room.  This works for both of us.

However, I also like to just go in there to nap.  I don’t think it is a big deal.  Evidently Mama does.  She thinks I’m being mean to Jiffy because when I’m in the closet, Jiffy won’t come in – well, she really doesn’t fit, unless of an emergency of course.  Plus she doesn’t like to come into Mama’s bathroom, which you have to go through to get to the closet.

Mama thinks Jiffy gets lonely when I’m in the closet. To solve the problem, she has decided to close the closet door when it is not storming.  I think this is child abuse and I should call 911 and report her for abusing her child – me.

I have to admit it is not like I don’t have other places to take naps – there are two beds in the living room, two blankets in the office, two slumber balls in Mama’s bedroom and they each have a fleece blanket, a big stuffed animal and a small hedge hog in them.  Plus when it is hot, there is plenty of floor space for each of us to stretch out under a fan to cool off.

It is just the principal of the whole thing.  I should be able to sleep in the closet whenever I want.  This is my house too.