Gotcha Day

In case you didn’t know, the “Gotcha Day” is the day a dog gets to go live in her forever home.  It was June 14, 2015 when I got to come live with Gigi, Mama and Daddy Harve.  June 14, 2016 will be the first anniversary of my “Gotcha Day”.  This is a very special day in a dog’s life.   (Gigi’s Gotcha Day is February 7, 2 008.)

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Gigi, Mama and Daddy Harve came to meet me at Miss Jackie’s house to see if they thought I would be a good sister to Gigi.  (Her sister, Mayflower, had died in February.)  026We all got acquainted and it was decided that I would be a “good fit”with Gigi and I should live in their house.  A week later, Mama and Daddy Harve came back to Miss Jackie’s to pick me up and bring me to McKinney – which is where we all live now.  Miss Jackie couldn’t bring me to them because she hurt her foot and couldn’t drive.

It was a little scary at first.  They didn’t bring Gigi with them, and I wasn’t sure what to think about that.  It was just me in the backseat of the car going on the long ride to McKinney.

When I got there, there was no Vinny to play with and tease and no Toolip to snuggle with.  Gigi was okay, but she was a little skeptical about having me come live with them.  And she was older.  It was up to her to teach me where everything was, and to keep me out of trouble.  There was so much for me to learn.  

Mama gave me a hug and told me it would get better.  It would just take time for everyone.  After all, Gigi had lived here for 8 years, and Mayflower had lived here for 4 years before she got sick and had to go across the Rainbow Bridge.  I wasn’t going to learn everything in just one day, or even a week. And she was right.  A year later and I love to do roaches on the slumber balls and I know how to tell when I have to go outside.  No more accidents in the house.  And I just love Busy Bones!  003facebookWhen Mama and Daddy Harve are gone, we chase each other through the house and throw the hedgehogs.  Of course, when we hear the garage door go up, we become excited little angels to welcome them home.

I love my new forever home and my sister Gigi.  I’m finally getting more comfortable with the new digs.  Even though I’m bigger than Gigi, she is older and so I let her do all the talking.  I have gotten it down pat on how to ask to go outside, I think.  But sometimes I have to go get Gigi to bark to tell Mama to open one of the patio doors for me.  Usually Mama sees me staring at her, or I come up and nudge her hand to pet me when I really need to go outside.  She sees the urgency in my eyes, and up she gets to let me outside.

We’ve got the bed issues figured out, most of the time.  If it is raining, Gigi heads for the closet in Mama’s bedroom.  Then I get to sleep on whichever slumber ball I want to.  Sometimes in the night I switch beds, just because I can.  Other times, when we are hot, we stretch out on the floor under the fan.  Gigi likes to lie next to Mama’s side of the bed while I stretch out at the foot of the bed.  We also have beds in the living room so that we can watch television at night with Mama and Daddy Harve and we have blankets in the office that we can lie on when they are working on their computers.Copy (1) of IMG_1091

Gigi has us on a strict schedule – an early morning walk after Daddy Harve has his breakfast, nap time is after lunch, dinner is sometime around 4:30 and bed time is when Mama and Daddy Harve head to the bedroom. Treats are at various times during the day – whenever Gigi can convince Mama that we are “starving and need a treat”. Since the backyard is fenced, we can go outside and just wander around trying to catch bugs, seeing if we can find a stray bunny, or watching birds and squirrels.  When it gets hot, we just go to the door and someone will let us back in.

I also gained cousins.  Kelly, Mama’s daughter, who is married to Bill has a set of twin daughters, Katie and Megan,IMG_1801 who come to visit us some times.  She also has a son named Todd who is married to Deb and lives in South Carolina.  He has a son named Clark and daughter named Lauren. I’ve not met them yet because they live so far away.clark & lauren

Then we recently gained another cousin, a retired racing greyhound just like us who is named Drew.  He lives with Daddy Harve’s nephew Jim in Florida.  We’ve met Jim, but not Drew.  In fact it is because of us that Jim has Drew. So I have family all over the place.12938254_550923768409326_6574488444299116926_n

When Mama and Daddy Harve go on vacations, they take us to see Dr. T at Highlands-Eldorado Dog Hospital.  They board dogs as well as treat them and have known Gigi since she first came to live with Mama.  We each get our our own little room where we can see each other.  The techs take us outside to the play yard. We run and chase each other playing tag sometimes.  Everyone there is very nice.  But it is really nice when the front desk calls the kennels and asks them to “bring Gigi and Jiffy up front so they can go home”.  There is Mama and Daddy Harve waiting for us.  They thank everyone for taking such good care of us and we get in the car – all of us are ready to go home to our own beds.

It’s been a good year.  I think I’ll stay.  (This is Katie when she was home from OSU one weekend.)

jiffy 6







Hank the Tank


     Mama said I could tell this story since Gigi got to say “Good Bye” to Moonbeam.  Since I really didn’t know Moonbeam all that well it was only logical.

     Mama started calling Megan’s old car “the Tank”.  Megan admitted she had called it the Beast.  One day Mama asked if we wanted to go for a ride.  This is something she has not done in a long time.  Really not since  I  came to live here.  We both of course said yes, and patiently – well sort of patiently – we waited to have our outside collars and leashes put on.  Out the door we went.  She had already moved Tank out of the garage so we had more room to get in.  The back seat on the driver’s side was up right, but the other one was down which makes it much easier for us to get in.  (I want to try jumping into the back from the back door someday.)  We each jumped in and found that the old sleeping bag from Daddy’s old house had been washed and folded to give us some padding when we rode in the back.  It was easy for me to just jump right in with the back door open.  Gigi wouldn’t even try so Mama opened the side door and coaxed her to put her foot on the floor of the back seat, and then up on the set which let her go over the seat that was folded down and she was in.IMG_1981a

Off we went to JoAnn’s – whatever that is.  We found out it is a store where Mama goes to buy yarn for her Prayer Shawl Ministry.  She had run out on one special shawl and had to make a quick run to get more.  Daddy really didn’t want to go on such a short ride, so we got to go.

     I had not been on a ride in a car with Gigi before.  We both settled down and looked out the windows.  Only one back window of Tank goes down, so Mama put it down so we would get some fresh air.  “Move over” I told Gigi.  Once she got in she was taking up all the room.  “Just lie down so we can both fit.”  That just went in one of her ears and out the other.


I saw things I had never seen before.  We had to drive on highway 380 which meant we got to see big eighteen wheeler trucks, cement trucks, pickup trucks like Katie drives, other cars, motorcycles and even people riding bikes.  This was a whole lot better than just driving to the vet’s for checkups or being boarded.

Mama turned on her turn signal and we drove up into the shopping center.  She found a place to park which was pretty close to the door, put the window up a little bit, and locked us in.  (It’s not too warm yet to leave dogs in the car so we were safe.  But she didn’t want someone to let us out.)  She wasn’t in there very long and came out with a bag of the yarn she needed.

     We headed home and she took another way.  This way went by a Middle School that was just getting out so we got to see all the kids.  We drove over one of the Wilson Creek Bridges and could see that there was water in it – we’ve had lots of rain.  We went by the new water tower.  I was surprise at how tall it is.  Gigi laid down while I looked around.  Then we got to the stop light where we turn to go home.  Gigi got up then to look IMG_1996around as she knew we were close.  Mama turned right and we went up the hill, took another right and there was our house.  “We’re home” she said as she pushed the button to open the garage door.  She parked Tank in the driveway to give us more room to get out.  We both raced to the back door of the house, almost tripping Mama before she could get the door open.  “See, I told you riding in Hank would be a piece of cake.”  I so wanted to swat her in the face with my tail, but it isn’t long enough.  If I could have raised my eyebrows, believe me they would have been up.  Now I know why Bear referred to them – Mayflower and Gigi – as long-legged prima donnas in this book – “Bear Gets Citified”.

     We went in the house and found Daddy.  We tried to tell him that we saw all sorts of things.  He just laughed and helped take off our collars.  “So you liked riding in the Tank,  huh?” he asked.  Both of us bounced our feet letting him know that we thought it was greyt. Mama came into the office and said “Ya know.  I think we need to give the Tank a better name than that.  Moonbeam got her name because of her color and the fact that her top came down.  What if we call our new friend Tank, Hank the Tank?  We both thought about it a moment, conferred with each other and then barked shaking our tails in agreement.  So – the Tank is now Hank the Tank.

      Another time we got to go for a ride was when Mama had to pick up Gigi’s prescription at the vet’s.  She found a nice shady spot, left the window partway open, locked the door and went in.  It seemed strange that we could see those really big doors of the vet’s, but we didn’t have to go in.  While we waited for her we watched the kids running at the day care center next door.

     I like getting to ride in Hank just to go with Mama to run an errand.  I think we might be able to have some adventures in Hank – sort of like Gigi, Mayflower and Bear did in Moonbeam when they went to look for Bear’s house in the country.  Hmmmmmmmmm – I wonder what Mama might have up her sleeve.








I’m Good to Go

     We got up to early this morning.  Mama took a shower and gave us breakfast.  Mama puts the harness on me so I know we are going someplace, just her and me, especially when she slips Gigi a Busy Bone as we go out the back door.

Mama pulled the car out of the garage so that I can get in easier.  For a minute I was confused because we weren’t going in Moonbeam, but another car that Megan had brought over for Mama to test drive.  They let me see if I could get in the hatch are which I did with one jump.  So – why were we going in Megan’s car and not Moonbeam?  (That’s another story.)

     I don’t know what is going on so I decide I am not going to jump into the hatch area of the car, so Mama opens the backdoor and convinces me that I can get into the backseat.  I have to admit it has more room than Moonbeam.  I can stretch all the way across the seat since Gigi got left at home.

     Mama closes the door, gets in the front and we are off.  The last time just Mama and I went in the car, we went to the vets and I had a tooth pulled and shots in my rump.  This was not looking too promising.  Down the street we go, turning on the main road and heading – yep, in the direction of the vets.  Mama pulls into their parking lot and opens the back door.  I look at her like, “I’m not going to get out and go in there again!” and politely laid down.  With much coaxing, I finally get up and get out of the car.  Mama opens the big door of the vets, and here we are again. She takes me over to be weighed, and then we go into the “big dogs” room.

     Gunter comes in, says hello to Mama, and then leans down to say hello to me.  He pries open my mouth and checks the space where there had once been a tooth.  “Looks good!” he said.  Mama asks “can she now have hard things to eat like Busy Bones and Treats?  Please!”  Gunter laughs and says he thought so, but Dr. T will have the final say.

     Dr. T comes in and agrees with Gunter.  “The tooth looks good, she is walking better, so she is good to go.  Back to the regular treats and long walks.”

     Mama looks at him and says “Thank you!  You have no idea what the last 10 days have been.  Now maybe Gigi will calm down since she has become Jiffy’s guardian and won’t be protesting when Jiffy can’t have a Busy Bone.”

     Out we go, back to the car.  I get in willingly this time and we head for home.  Mama puts the garage door up and just parks the car.  It is easier for me to get out where there is space, rather than in the garage that is a little cramped.  I bound in the house and Mama announces “She is good to go!!!  Busy Bones for everyone!”  The bones are handed out and she sits down with a big sigh of relief.

      Back to normal – whatever that is.










Tuesday Has Come


“Come on Jiffy.  It’s time to go see Dr. T.  Daddy is going to take us in his car where you will have the hammock and more room.” (Mama talks in black.) said Mama.

While Daddy got me into the car, Mama slipped Gigi a busy bone so she wouldn’t feel left out.  Believe me, I was more than willing to let her got in my place.  I settled down in the hammock and watched the world go by as we drove to Dr. T’s.  I hoped out  and went into the waiting room.  Christie was sitting behind the desk, and took me into a smaller room than I normally go into.  Gunter walked in with my chart in his hand.  He specializes in dental issues in dogs.  He showed Mama the tooth in question, and explained what he would be doing.  Because I have a heart murmur (I’ve never heard it make so) they will use an I-V to put me into “twilight sleep” rather than a normal anesthesia.  He indicated that while I was sleeping, they would clean the rest of my teeth and x-ray my back to see what the problem there was.  He took my leash and said “Come on girl.  You will be just fine.”

I reluctantly walked through the door with Gunter, looking back at Mama wanting to say “Don’t leave me”, but of course nothing came out.

“We need to make an appointment to pick Jiffy up around 5:00 this afternoon”, Mama said.  “How about 5:00?” the receptionist asked.  “That would be perfect” Mama said.  “We’ll see you then.”

“Poor baby.  I sure hope everything goes well.  I know Dr. T is a good vet, but Jiffy is my baby”  Mama said as we drove home.  We were met at the door by Gigi. She looked at us, sniffed around, and then barked at us, as if to say, “Where is Jiffy?”  I told her we would get her back at 5:00 and she turned and went into the bedroom, climbing into one of the slumber balls.  It was going to be a long day.

The phone rang about 12:30.  It was Christie from Dr. T’s office.  The dental work was done; tooth was really bad and they took it out.  Jiffy was doing just fine and headed to have her back x-rayed.  They just wanted us to know everything was going as it should.  We took our nap.  Gigi got her normal busy bone, but wasn’t as interested it as she normally is.  

We had taken Moonbeam to get two new tires, so about 4:00 we headed to the VW dealer to pick her up.  Then to Dr. T’s.  We were early but I knew that wouldn’t matter.  Gunter talked to us about Jiffy’s teeth and said all went well.  They cleaned them as well as pulling the bad tooth; plus she had one extra very small tooth in the very front that he took out.  She was to be on soft food for the next 10 days.  I drew in a deep breath thinking about all the problems that would create.  No Busy Bones!  Then Dr. T came in and explained that Jiffy had a patch shaved off her rump where they gave her the steroid injections.  He said her back was getting old and two bones were rubbing against each other creating problems and pain.  He said she would get shots probably twice a year.  I let out a sigh and he reassured me everything was going to be just fine.  Then they brought Jiffy in.

She was still a little out of it, but I could almost read her mind – “you sure took long enough to come get me.  Let’s blow this joint.”  Harve took Jiffy out to the car while I paid for her and made an appointment for ten days.  It was going to be a very long ten days.

Going to the Vet


I’m bigger than Gigi and even bigger than Mayflower, plus when Mama got Moonbeam, Gigi was a lot younger. I’m nine now, and I don’t jump and bend quite as easily as I used to. So when Mama said I had an appointment with the vet, I thought – “oh no. I have to squeeze into that little back seat of Moonbeam.” When it came time, I just flat decided I was not going to go. Mama pulled on my leash and tried to encourage me to get in. She finally went and got Daddy to help lift me into the back seat.

Boy,am I glad we live close to the vet. I gladly got out and walked in to say hi to Christie. She weighed me and everyone clapped that I had lost 4.5 pounds and looked to be in much better greyhound shape. Then I went into the room with the window and waited for someone to come in. Art walked in with my chart and said he would run the required test and give me a shot. Dr. T would check me over and then come talk to Mama. He said that he had found a couple of things he wanted to talk to her about. Mama pulled me close and hugged me, petting me and telling me she loved me.

Then in walked Dr. T. He saw the look on Mama’s and told her it wasn’t that bad. He pried my mouth open and showed her a tooth that looked bad. “I want to get her back in, put her under and look at that tooth. I think I can clean it up, put some antibiotics in it and save the tooth. While she is under I want to x-ray her lower back. I think she has a pinched nerve and that is why she walks a little gingerly on all feet. If I’m right,then we’ll start her on steroid shots, giving her one probably twice a year. I think she will be just fine. Let’s go see Christie to make an appointment to get her back in in the next week or two.”

We left the room with the window, Mama snapped my leash on the hook by the desk, paid for today and made the appointment to bring me back next Tuesday morning. When I got home, I had trouble getting out of the car. Gigi met me at the door and went over me from head to toe to be sure I was okay. When I told her I had to go back, she nuzzled up to me and let me know that she would be right there for me. Until then I get the same anti-inflammatory pills plus pain pills that Gigi gets. That will cut down on the pain and I won’t pant so hard. Now we have to wait for Tuesday.

Lucky Dog

If you look at the top of my head, you will see that there is a black diamond shape spot between my ears. On my left side is an upside down heart. I have one ear that doesn’t like to stand up straight, and a scar down from my right eye which makes me look like I am crying. All of these things make me unique.

A couple of nights ago, when I was asleep on the slumber bed at the end of Mama’s bed, she got up to got to the bathroom and had a case of what they call “Vertigo”. She totally lost her balance and landed on me. I yelped and growled as I was sound asleep and did not know what was going on. Since she has been doing this some since she had her hip replace, she moved that bed over to the side of the room under the window and put the chest at the foot of the bed. That takes both me and Gigi out of the line of fire. It really scared both of us. I didn’t understand what was happening and have stayed clear of Mama for a couple off days. But I just laid my head in her lap and all is forgiven. I do love my Mama.