The Swimming Greyhound

(Mama says that when I am writing on my blog, I don’t have to use good and proper English like I do when I write a book. Most likely younger people won’t be reading my blogs, so I get a chance to talk in my own way.)

Ah so loves my swimming pool. Daddy Harve and Mama really went tru lots of trubbles to finds a swimming pool dat Ah wuld like. One dat da sides didn’t jiggle. Once it was home, Ah am in heven. Ah go out eberday and justs stands in it nd watches da birds andda squirrels and da clouds go by. 1958485_10201737125610048_950907962_n Yes, Ah do lay downs in it and stretches out. Ah don’t cares how cold it is outsides, Ah am going to go into ma pool. IMG_1252

One day Mama asked if Ah tought Ah wuld like to goes swimmin in a big pool over at Kelly’s houz. (She is Mama’s daughter case youz forgots.) Ah tink, well, maybes Ah could gets in a bigger pool. Mama buyeds me a lifes jacket so dat when Ah can’t tuch da bottom Ah won’t drownded.aIMG_9179 She putz on hers swimming suit. Ah’m not quites sure why shez haz to do dat. Ah don’t puts on a swimming suit when Ah gets into da pool. Daddy Harve and me and Mama takes Moonbeam (ya remembers she is da car friend weze has dat took us all fors a ride to find Bears house) and we drivez to Kelly’z. Weze leavez Gigi home. Shez is not happy abouts dat, but she gets an extra Busy Bone so shez decides since shez doesn’t like my pool she will juzt fines.

We gets out and goes into da backyard. Kelly keeps her dogz in da houz so dey don’t gets in da way. Mama stands on da step of da pool. Wow – it is really big. Slowly Ah walkz over to da edge and peerz over. Dere is a lots of waters in dis pool. Ah don’t knows about dis. Mama convinces me to starts down da step. Well – it is cooler dan my pool and feels really goods on mys feets. Mama has aholds of ma life jacket and talks to me. Ah am glads dat she and Kelly is right der wiff me. We takes another step and most of me is in da water. So – dis is ok. Ah walks a little farther and den I can’t feels da bottom so der is no place to puts my feets. Ah’m not toos sure of dis. Ah starts to swim wit Mama on one side and Kelly on da other side of me. Hey – looks at me Ah’s swimming. aIMG_9181At least over to da side. Mama talks to me and we slowly moves down da side of da pool until Ah can once again puts my feet on da bottom. Ah am exhausted.aIMG_9184

But, Ah did it!!!!  Ah swimmed in da big pool.  Once!  Ah think Ah will stick to ma little pool in ma backyard.

Hound Power, Hound Power


A friend of mine is in a contest to win money for a program he and his sister and Momma work for – Freeway’s Greyt Escape, Inc.  This is a charitable organization that raises money to help greyhounds around the country who get hurt and need extra medical attention.  Medical expenses can be staggering when a greyhound gets injured whether while racing or in some other kind of accident.  Freeway was a greyhound who got injured very badly when he escaped his transport van on a major highway in Florida and was hit by at least one car.  He was rescued by a wonderful couple who immediately took him to a vet where he overcame unbelievable odds to survive.  Eighty percent (80%) of his body was injured.  All the people at the animal hospital nicknamed him Freeway.  You can read all about him on his web site as shown above.

Anyway, back to my story.  My friend Ms. Jackie Pinson became involved in this organization.  She has two greyhounds – Princess Toolip and NY Vinny.  Vinny is a very funny fellow, and extremely smart.  He was also rescued in an unusual circumstance – not like many of us who get adopted after they have retired from racing.  She entered Vinny’s story and all of his accomplishments – he has just become a certified Therapy Dog – in a contest where the winner will get $2,500 donated to the charity he is sponsoring.  He has made the first cut and we are all waiting with crossed paws, crossed eyes and holing our breath, for as long as we can, to hear if he made the next cut.  We are supposed to find out tomorrow – May 17, 2017.  So  – everyone – HOUND POWER, HOUND POWER for Vinny.

Jiffy Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

We have a very sad thing to write.  On March 27, 2017, Jiffy crossed the Rainbow Bridge very unexpectedly.  She had recently had her annual check-up and was in greyt health.  While she was settling into our family, she and Gigi sometimes were at odds over Busy Bones and Rawhide Chew Sticks.  However, they were becoming better friends.  Sometime during the night of March 26, Jiffy had either a seizure or a stroke.  When she awoke Monday morning, she was having major problems standing  and was not real coherent.  She was determined to go outside, so we helped her to the backyard where she collapsed.  We rolled her onto a blanket, but were unable to lift her.  I called the vet regarding the situation, and they said they would send someone to help us.  But I ran to see if I could get a neighbor.  While running down the street, a firehouse pickup truck stopped to see if they could help.  It so happened that one of the firemen was a neighbor and knew both of the dogs.  They immediately came and helped to get Jiffy into the car.  I called the vet back and caught them just as they were heading out the door.  We got her to the vet where they stabilized her and then ran blood tests.  She had gone into acute kidney failure.  While they indicated that they could get her kidneys back to functioning,  she would have to endure medications and procedures to keep her alive.  We decided that that did not sound like a good quality of life for her and chose to help her cross the bridge with instructions to find Mayflower and Bear.  She is greytly missed by Gigi and us.  (Jiffy will still post on her blog as she has many stories to tell that did not get written before her sudden loss.  While she is greytly missed, we will keep her spirit alive.)


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Walk Time

Gigi “talks” in “blue” while Jiffy “talks” in “purple”.

Gigi runs a tight ship at our house. She knows when it is time to get up, when it is lunch time, when it is nap time, when it is dinner time, when it is time to watch television and when to go to bed.

We also know when it is walk time. Daddy Harve usually gets up a little bit before Mama. He has his breakfast and his quiet time while she takes a shower. Then she feeds us while he goes “into the library to read”. We know when we hear the toilet flush that it is walk time. Regardless of where we are in the house, when we hear that happen, the door open and the light go out we head for the front door.

I stand very still while jackets, if needed, and my outside collar is put on. Mama calls me “Bobble Head” as I’m so excited to go that I won’t stand still to get my jacket and/or my outside collar on. Then we are out the door. Mama can’t go for the walk because of her hip, so while we are gone she has her quiet time and eats breakfast.

When we are back, we bound through the front door and head for the water bowls. Then we get our jackets and/or collars taken off. Sometimes we like to play hide and seek making them find us to get the things off.

Walk Time is a fun time.